Restaurante Casa Moral

Was the 28 July 1939 in the number 29 Royal Calle de Villafranca, in the historic town of Los Palacios grandfather José Moral Paez opened a winery that trod the grapes from their own harvest and sold the wine was produced. Later she started putting some typical dishes of the people.

In the early 70 his son Joseph Moral Algarín converts the tavern and wine office in a tapas bar and beer, changing the business to the area of ​​the house, in the noblest part, up to have a hotel business over 2000 square meter.


Today we have over 5000 square meter, with eleven different dining rooms and terraces where you can hold all kinds of meetings and events. Recently renovated and decorated with brick, forging, vaults and tapestries.

Our kitchen

José Antonio Moral delicately reinterpreted in their kitchens traditional recipes of Andalusian cuisine. Getting creative cuisine of careful evolution. A bet adapted to the times that respects quality products and innovates in forms. Inspired by the Andalusian cuisine is an art of living.

In our fantastic Taberna, you can enjoy a lovely place to enjoy the varied and sucluentas tapas and superb wines we offer. Our menus are changed twice a year. We also possess a dessert menu with twenty own creations, a wine list with one hundred twenty references and letters of teas and cigars.

On our farm and winery located in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, Almonaster La Real elaborates its own red and white wines. Located in the Cerro de San Cristobal.